Don't let the mountains on my logo fool you. I am not super adventurous but I am working on it. One day I will let loose... just not today.

I have been known to swim on occasion. 

I don't own a cat, but I know one. His name is Remington, but he prefers  "Rem-Dawg."

At one point, my future was bright enough to wear this sun hat. Since then, the hat has gone missing. If found, please return.

I am Chris Cole, a visual communicator, an athlete, and a leader. 


I started off as a mixed media painter. I never liked to limit my use of different mediums, so I began exploring photography as a conceptual art form.


I am an award-winning photographer, competent with a DSLR as well as multiple analog forms of capture.  I also have quite a bit of studio lighting experience. However, my creative process has just begun once I have taken the pictures; I love to composite many images to create new and imaginative compositions in postproduction. In addition to Photoshop, I am also proficient in Lightroom, InDesign, and Illustrator; I am looking to expand my software competencies to include After Effects as well.


I really fell in love with advertising and art directing when I began work with our school’s chapter of the American Advertising Federation, which I am now the acting president and creative director.

Here are my life accomplishments squeezed into one 8.5x11" paper: Resume.

If you're interested, I would love to hear from you: