Invi Bracelet 

The Invi bracelet is an innovative and relatively new self-defense product developed by scientists in the Netherlands. The product uses a nonviolent method of protecting against potential attackers. In case of attack, the bracelet allows wearers to release a foul smell to discourage and ward off the assailant. Invi’s mission is to empower and to provoke independence for all. 

This magazine print ad is meant to be somewhat clever and interactive. We are trying send the message that with the Invi bracelet, women can walk with confidence and gain “invi-pendence.” The idea is that these will be placed in magazines with high numbers of 18-24 year-old female readers.

 The message on grabs their attention and once they open the flap, they are reading how the bracelet works. We put the website at the bottom to give them a plan of action once they are interested.

These OOH ads, again, attempt to send the message that Invi helps you to regain your confidence. These are intended to be placed in high traffic areas near large universities where our demographic can see them and have the message reinforced almost daily.