For the National Student Advertising Competition, our team was tasked with generating a campaign for Ocean Spray that would appeal to the Millennial. As creative director, I led a team in the development of messaging and design. Together, we came up with Make Waves. 


Left: This print ad is meant to appeal to the younger Millennial and captures the moment when you meet someone for the first time and you feel that spark that feeling that you are about to Make Waves.

Right: The die-cut speaks to the older Millennial, who has children going off to school. It informs people to "pack smarter" by packing Ocean Spray products into their children's lunch bags. 


Each of these billboards communicates to a different life stage that a Millennial might find themselves experiencing: dating, getting married, and raising children.

Social Media Strategy

We felt Ocean Spray's social media should provide a more interactive experience for the Millennial audience. Our strategy addresses this by featuring people who are "Making Waves" in their communities. We also speak to the artistic Millennials by asking them to redesign the Cran-Energy label. Snapchat filters are another way we reach out to the younger Millennials to share and promote our products.

CranApp Rewards

The CranApp allows users to collect points by purchasing products and engaging on Social Media. As the cup fills up participants may redeem their rewards points for coupons, Ocean Spray branded merchandise, and concert tickets. Or, they have the option of directing their rewards points to a charity of their choice.


As part of our plan, Ocean Spray will sponsor events to help connect the brand and products to experiences that many millennials love. To reach young millennials, we will sponsor tents at music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella, promoting both Pact water and the Fruit Clusters. The Straight from the Art shows will drive personal engagement with the brand, encourage downloads of the CranApp, and be streamed for use on social media channels in real time.

Product Placement

Working with the creative minds at Netflix, we will help develop narratives and dialogue that cleverly incorporate the Ocean Spray brand. This forward-thinking approach to product placement will be executed in shows that cater to Millennials, such as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Youtube sponsorships will be placed on strategically selected influencer channels such as DudePerfect.